Saturday, February 26, 2011

Post Production

Post production is all about attention to detail and working really hard on things over and over again. This is why it drives me crazy.

Call me the poster child of the ADD Generation.

Color correcting and audio mixing were not going to be my bag (thanks to Ryan Chambers and Toshi, respectively, for not letting me ruin my movie by being in charge of these things), so I took the reins on...well, a lot of other stuff.

The first thing was hiring a publicist (Jewell Sparks of Indie Vixens). The problem is that just making a movie isn't enough. Then people have to know you made a movie. That's the only way they'll ever see it. Even if you want to do the festival circuit, what judge is going to take time to consider some dumb movie that he's never heard of when there's a stack that he's been getting buzz about?

And further, if you get into a festival, what good does that do? You still have to convince people to come to your screening. And that's where the real work begins.

Building the website, facebook, twitter, imdb, and this very blog, have all been done in the name of publicity. In all, I've probably put more hours into all of this stuff by now than I did to actually make the movie. We also made a poster:

You can thank Dane and Drew Van Oort for making it all pretty and awesome

Listing the movie on Withoutabox (a festival submission website), finding out that most of the good ones are not on there and you have to make all your resumes and bios and stuff again elsewhere, submitting the films (see: paying lots of money), getting rejected by festivals, and trying to find other ways to get people interested in the movie...they all cost time. And money. Oh, so much money.

Fun fact: hiring lawyers cost as much as the ENTIRE rest of the production.

And that brings us to now. You now know everything that I do about the process of making a movie. The rest will be learning as I go, and I'll share it here as it happens. The main thing I learned is that for as much as it sucks, you have to go out and do it. The difference between what people thought of me and who would talk me seriously before and after this is astounding. Once you put your own money on the line and make something happen without dying or killing everyone involved, you've withstood a trial by fire that apparently is a requirement to get anywhere in life.

Pretty much

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