Thursday, October 28, 2010


For those that don't know, Brickwalk Cafe is a movie that I (Chris Graue) produced this year and am getting close to finishing with the help of my friends.

Most people who find out that I've made a movie have all kinds of questions. "So what's the next step?" "When can I see it?" "How bad does it suck?" The answer to most all of these questions is the same: I have no idea. So I figured I'd start a blog that chronicles the journey of this production.

I'll be posting stories about how this all got started, through production, and up to the present. If any festival has a severe lapse in judgment and happens to let us in, I'll be able to blog about that as well. I'll also try to answer any questions posted on our Facebook wall or tweeted to us (see the links on the right).

So for those who are curious about what it's like making an independent feature on a shoestring budget from start to finish, this is the place. If you've made one before and want to relive the tragedy through someone else's eyes...this is also the place.